In 2012, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Air Pollution Control Program received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, to fund a clean diesel program in Missouri.  The Air Program awarded subgrants to organizations in the St. Louis area, and the Springfield southwest Missouri area to implement projects determined to best meet the goals and priorities of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act.  The projects funded under the 2012 Missouri State Clean Diesel Program are all expected to be completed by December 2013.

The estimated projected annual and lifetime emission reductions and fuel savings from all projects being implemented under the 2012 program are available in the table below, along with the estimated annual monetary health benefits attributed to the project.  The projected emission reductions, fuel savings, and health benefits were calculated using the EPA Diesel Emissions Quantifier.

2012 Missouri State DERA Project Emission Results and Health Benefits
Diesel Fuel (Gallons)
Annual Reductions (tons/year)
Lifetime Reductions (tons)

The program is committed to reducing diesel emissions in Missouri.  Diesel emissions contain oxides of nitrogen as well as volatile organic compounds, which in the presence of sunlight react to form ground-level ozone, the pollutant of most concern statewide in Missouri.  Ozone is known to cause and aggravate respiratory diseases such as asthma.  Missouri currently has several areas in the state violating or close to violating EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone, which is set to establish limits on ground level ozone concentrations that will protect public health.

Diesel emissions also contain fine particulate matter, which can penetrate deep into people’s lungs past their natural defenses.  This can lead to a variety of different lung and respiratory disease including lung cancer.  Reducing diesel emissions, particularly in high population areas and areas that receive disproportionately high concentrations of air pollutants is vital to the program’s mission of protecting public health.

Detailed information about the individual projects through the 2012 Missouri State Clean Diesel Program is listed below.

St. Louis Area Projects

In the St. Louis area, a subgrant was awarded to St. Louis Regional Clean Cities to implement the project.

Items funded in the St. Louis area project:

  • Massman Construction Company - Repower the propulsion engines on one tug/tow boat.
  • Pullen Bros. Inc. - One early replacement for a long-haul truck.

Springfield/Southwest Missouri Area Projects

In the Springfield southwest Missouri area, a subgrant was awarded to the Ozarks Center for Sustainable Solutions at Drury University to implement the program. 

Items funded in the Springfield southwest Missouri area project:

  • Hollister School District - One early replacement for a school bus.
  • Logan-Rogersville School District - One early replacement for a school bus.
  • Resource Optimization and Innovation LLC - One early replacement for a delivery truck.