Tree PlantingStewardship is finding ways that you can Take Action towards the responsible use and protection of our natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Understanding and actively participating in stewardship activities around your school and community will help sustain our natural resources for generations to come.

Take Action – It's in Our Nature

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." — Benjamin Franklin

Missourians value our state’s natural resources and the quality of life they provide.

DNR Green Schools

MoDNR Green Schools

You can take action in your school through the MoDNR Green Schools Program. Teachers and students can find easy ways to make a difference in protecting our natural resources just by integrating sustainable projects within and around their school. See how you can take action and help!

Missouri Stream Team Program

Missouri Stream Team Program

The Missouri Stream Team Program is a citizen science organization that helps to inform and educate citizens about the conditions of our streams; establish a water quality monitoring network; generate water quality data; and halt the degradation of Missouri streams. Join a Stream Team or establish your own and help improve Missouri’s streams. For more information, visit our Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program.

Anti-Idling Program

Anti-Idling Program

School buses travel about four billion miles each year, providing the safest transportation to and from school for more than 25 million American children every day. However, diesel exhaust from these buses has a negative impact onour health, especially for children who have a faster breathing rate than adults and whose lungs are not yet fully developed. See how you can take action and help!

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