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Missouri Resources - Summer 2014 Feature Stories
Ready, Aim, Action!
Capitol Fossils

In terms of numbers, the fight was a skirmish.  In terms of impact, the Battle of Island Mound changed the face of the Civil War. 

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Where Does the Water Go?
where does the water go and how do we know

“Bugs” are just one component of the arsenal of tools and technology used to protect the environment.  Read more about these water tracing bugs that actually are activated charcoal packets designed to absorb specialty dyes that help track potential contaminants in groundwater.  More...


McCracken CoresThis year marks the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' 40th anniversary. More...


First Day Hikes

Black bear populations in Missouri are experiencing resurgence.  This means park guests should “Be Bear Aware” to safely share the park these majestic creatures. 





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