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Missouri Resources - Winter 2015 Feature Stories

Missouri is a Hot Spot for Cold Weather Birding

Capitol Fossils

Several excellent winter bird-watching spots can be found in Missouri State Parks. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and The Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) have formed a partnership to help Missourians become more familiar with birds through the State Parks Checklist Project (SPARKS). The data is available in the form of checklists for bird watchers, nature lovers and park users.

Additional Bird Migration Activities for Educators and Interested Birders

GeoSTRAT – Tried and True


GeoSTRAT Worksheet and Activity

As educators across the state look at the Missouri Learning Standards, many are looking for a way to make the connection from content knowledge to applied science to give their students real-world skills using authentic data to answer real-world questions. As our state moves toward more sustainable use of our natural resources and a new, dynamic era of economic development, it is critical to prepare our students for the future. A tool that can help educators and students with this mission is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Web-based tool, GeoSTRAT.

See this link for an article about geologic mapping: The Value of Geologic Mapping

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