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Missouri Resources - Summer 2014 Feature Stories
Ready, Aim, Action!
Capitol Fossils

In terms of numbers, the fight was a skirmish.  In terms of impact, the Battle of Island Mound changed the face of the Civil War. 

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Where Does the Water Go?
where does the water go and how do we know

“Bugs” are just one component of the arsenal of tools and technology used to protect the environment.  Read more about these water tracing bugs that actually are activated charcoal packets designed to absorb specialty dyes that help track potential contaminants in groundwater.  More...


McCracken CoresThis year marks the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' 40th anniversary. More...


First Day Hikes

Black bear populations in Missouri are experiencing resurgence.  This means park guests should “Be Bear Aware” to safely share the park these majestic creatures. 




Missouri Resources - Spring 2014 Feature Stories
Water's Journey
Capitol Fossils

Where Does it Flow?
Modeling a Watershed Lesson Plan & Activity.

The Missouri River is one of America’s most important natural resources.

Off-Road Tires

Scrap Tire - The Road to ReTIREment
Missourians generate about 5 million scrap tires per year, or roughly one tire per person. What happens to tires when they get old and bald? 

Missouri Geological Survey - Earth science for everyone

McCracken CoresResearch and support services are available from the Missouri Geological Survey’s McCracken Core Library and Research Center; Frank C. Greene Geology Library; and the Missouri Geology Bibliography.


First Day HikesDoes your family want to make s’mores over a campfire and sleep under the stars? You’re in luck! Missouri State Parks is teaming up with The North Face's Explore Your Parks Program to teach families to learn to camp and learn to paddle.


Bridging Our History

Explore Missouri’s historic covered bridges

Explore Missouri’s historic covered bridges
Missouri's surviving covered bridges are precious examples of fine craftsmanship using simple but effective engineering techniques. They serve our generation as eloquent reminders of the texture of life in days gone by.

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

State Historic Site

Video Link

Locust Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site
Locust Creek Covered Bridge
State Historic Site

Locust Creek Video Link

Burfordville Covered Bridge
Burfordville Covered Bridge

State Historic Site

Union Covered Bridge
Union Covered Bridge

State Historic Site

Stockton State Park Water Trail

The clear waters of Stockton Lake beckon visitors to water ski, scuba dive, swim, or fish. Located in Dadeville on a peninsula that juts northward between the Big and Little Sac arms of the lake, Stockton State Park offers easy access to the lake and its many recreational opportunities.

Rock Matters - Chert, A Geologic Mystery

Whether you call it chert or flint, chert is one of Missouri’s most common rocks, was prized by Native Americans They used chert to make arrowheads and scraping and cutting tools because it breaks with a curved or shell-like fracture, leaving edges as sharp as broken glass.



Missouri Resources - Winter 2014 Feature Stories
Capitol Fossils
Capitol FossilsA map to some of the fossils in the Missouri State Capitol
Countless fossils are embedded in the marble in the walls and floors, the rotunda, the treads of the stairways and on the exterior of this majestic building.  Check out this brochure to find just a few of the fossils found in the Missouri State Capitol.
CrinoidAdditional Information about Crinoids and Brachiopods
Winter Fun

First Day Hikes

First Day Hikes - Celebrate the beginning of 2014 by taking a guided hike in a Missouri state park.

Missouri State Parks Check out our Missouri State Park's event calendar for fun winter activities across the state.
A Silver Celebration - Stream Team Story
Stream Learn more about Missouri's Stream Team program and the department's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring program.

Winter Water

Where Does it Flow? Modeling a Watershed Lesson Plan & Activity.

Explore Missouri - A Winter’s Day At Missouri’s Historic Homes
Visit or find out more about these three beautiful and famous historic homes.

Hunter Dawson

Hunter Dawson State Historic Site


Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site

Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site

Top Spots - Opening Day
Whether you're gearing up for opening day or enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Missouri's three premier state trout parks, you'll find everything you need to know here.


Bennett Spring



Roaring River

Roaring River


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