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The Missouri Green School Initiative began in 2011 with an MDNR “Green Team!” The “Green Team” is available to answer questions and connect you to the resources available in our agency. You can learn more about your school’s water quality, air quality, hazardous waste, environmental emergency response and energy if you keep reading this Web page. Let’s work together to further “Green” Missouri schools!

For more information, please Email or call 573-522-2656.

Water Droplet ImageDepartment of Natural Resources - Water Protection Program
Ruth A. Wallace, Municipal Stormwater Program Coordinator
Department of Natural Resources - Water Protection Program
Telephone: 573-522-1131

Image of EER Truck

Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Emergency Response
Alan Cortvrient, State On-Scene Coordinator for Hazardous Materials
Telephone: 573-526-3372


Alan says, “Please be safe with school chemicals by keeping only what is needed, properly disposing of unneeded and old chemicals, and following good storage practices."

If a school has a liquid mercury spill, call the department’s 24- hour spill reporting hotline (573-634-2436) as soon as possible.  A team of trained cleanup specialists or “On-Scene Coordinators” are ready to assist with the cleanup of a spill in a school.  A school can reduce the spread of a mercury spill by keeping people out of the area of the spill and have persons affected by the spill remove clothing and shoes that were in contact with the mercury.   Leave these items in the room of the spill. “

Department of Natural Resources recommended resources for emergency response situations:
Environmental Emergency Response Section's Mercury page:

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