MoDNR 101

Enhancing Missouri - It's in Our Nature

DNR stands for the Department of Natural Resources. It is a part of the Missouri state government that is responsible for protecting our natural resources that we rely on every day; that means protecting the water we drink, the air we breathe, the land we use, and much more. In fact, everything we have is either grown in our soil or mined from our natural resources! Did you know the Department of Natural Resources also operates all the state parks and historic sites throughout Missouri? DNR has many responsibilities but we can’t do it alone! The department teams up with local communities, businesses, organizations and individuals from all walks of life to make Missouri a better place to live! By learning about our state’s resources, you can help spread the word about taking care of our resources so we have them for generations to come.

Missourians value our state’s natural resources and the quality of life they provide.


The Missouri Department of Natural Resources protects our air, land, water, and mineral resources; preserves our unique natural and historic places; and provides recreational and learning opportunities; while promoting the environmentally sound and energy-efficient operations of businesses, communities, agriculture, and industry for the benefit of all Missourians.

DNR 101 Collage