The Compliance Manual is for reference use by department staff. The manual is a single volume with subparts for specific programmatic areas, and is presented in shorter versions as well to minimize the staff effort to find guidance within a specific program.

The Compliance Manual is to be maintained by the Division of Environmental Quality and revisions are to be coordinated through the department’s Enforcement Review Board and the Enforcement Coordination Committee.

The format of the manual allows modifications to be made quickly. Minor changes may be made at any time. The Committee is responsible for at least one comprehensive review each year.

Revision dates will be placed on each page of a chapter. The manual cover shall indicate the date of the latest chapter revision.

When manual modifications are made, the Committee shall at a minimum notify by email the

  • Regional Directors
  • Program Directors, and
  • Division of Environmental Quality Director and Deputies.

Any printing of the manual will be the responsibility of the user.