Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill Facility Information

This page provides citizens with access to pertinent information and online forms regarding ongoing compliance issues and activities related to a subsurface smoldering event and associated odors around Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill at 13570 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton.

Recent Activities

Surface water samples for laboratory analyses were collected along the northeastern boundary of the site on Dec. 28, 2015. An evaluation of the site's storm water management controls will be further assessed. All information collected was shared with EPA. Sample results will be posted when available.

Data collection for the West Lake Vicinity Report was conducted during the week beginning November 1. The final laboratory analysis will be posted when available.














Reports and Updates

new Feb. 2, 2015 – Following the historic flooding that occurred in the St. Louis area, the department responded to concerns of excess surface water flowing along the northeastern boundary of the West Lake Landfill by assessing the situation and collecting storm water samples for analyses. The sample was sent to the department’s contract laboratory and analyzed for gross alpha, gross beta, isotopic Uranium, Radium-226 and Radium-228. View the report.

Feb. 1, 2016 -- U.S. EPA provided the department a copy of a report prepared by their contractor, Tetra Tech, Inc. related to samples taken after a brush fire on Oct. 24, 2015 in the vicinity of the West Lake/Bridgeton Landfills. View the report.

Jan. 30, 2016 -- Bridgeton Landfill submitted the facility's quarterly slope assessment and odor control report.

Jan. 25, 2016 -- The department released a West Lake Interim Vicinity Report - Radiological Survey and Sampling - Nov. 4-6, 2015. Also, the Department of Health and Senior Services released a Bridgeton/West Lake Interim Report for radiological sampling conducted during the same period. See the interim reports below.

Jan. 24, 2016 -- Bridgeton Landfill submitted the facility's Update to the Heat Removal System Pilot Study. View the update.

Jan. 15, 2016 -- Bridgeton Landfill submitted the facility's Update to the Landfill Gas Corrective Action Plan. View the update.


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