Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill Facility Information

Updated Nov. 14, 2015

This page provides citizens with access to pertinent information and online forms regarding ongoing compliance issues and activities related to a subsurface smoldering event and associated odors around Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill at 13570 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton.

The department encourages those who want to be notified when new reports and other documents become available related to Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill to sign-up for notification through the “red  envelope” service on this webpage. Once signed-up for the service, the public will receive an electronic notification when new reports or other information is added to the webpage.

Recent Activities

Data collection for the West Lake Vicinity Report was conducted during the week beginning November 1. The report, comprised of an interim report and the final laboratory analysis, will be available in the near future.

Bridgeton Odor Concern Form

Completion of an electronic Odor Concern Form results in a "real-time" notification going to Bridgeton Landfill staff, so they may quickly identify the odor source and act to address it. It is important to file an Order Concern Form as soon as an odor in the area of the landfill is identified.

Submit an online Bridgeton Odor Concern Form

Additionally, you may notify the department's St. Louis Regional Office or the Solid Waste Management Program in any of the following ways to file a Bridgeton Landfill odor concern.  All phone numbers listed below have voicemail. After 5 p.m., please feel free to leave a detailed voicemail message stating your odor concern including a call back number, if you would like a return phone call from department staff.

  • St. Louis Regional Office:  Phone - 314-416-2960, and state you need to file a Bridgeton Landfill odor concern.  This phone number is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Solid Waste Management Program:  Phone - 800-361-4827 or 573-751-5401 and state you need to file a Bridgeton Landfill odor concern. These phone numbers are available Monday-Friday from 8 5 p.m.
  • Fax - 573-526-3902 Attn. Bridgeton Landfill odor concern.
  • Email -

Note icon.Note:  In case of an emergency, you should contact your local fire protection district using the 911 system.

Operational Update

newNov. 10, 2015 -- Bridgeton Landfill staff advised the department the facility's current landfill gas flow rate will allow Bridgeton Landfill to operate their gas control system with one 4,500 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) flare. Bridgeton Landfill has three flares in their flare yard two 4,500 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) flares and one 2,500 scfm flare as well as an auxiliary flare located on the west side of the landfill that is used, as needed. Should the landfill gas flow rate increase and warrant use of a second flare Bridgeton Landfill will bring another flare on-line. The department continues to monitor the landfill gas control system, other operational activities at the landfill and monitors air quality around the landfill property.


Hydroseeding of north slope of the North Quarry - North Quarry Enhancement Plan, Nov. 5, 2015.


New Reports

newNov. 14, 2015 -- Bridgeton Landfill submitted a response to the department's comments on the facility's inert gas injection plan. View the plan.

Nov. 10, 2015 -- Bridgeton Landfill submitted a cover letter and technical evaluation of a heat extraction barrier plan and schedule in response to the department's letter.


Photo of the southeast corner of the South Quarry, Bridgeton Landfill Nov. 8, 2015.

Air Monitoring and Sampling Reports

The department continues to conduct field operations from an observation trailer near the Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill.  The department is conducting air monitoring through an AreaRae multi-sensor system that collects data on volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and gamma radiation on a 24 hour per day/7 day per week basis.  The department is also conducting air monitoring activities, at 13 locations using a hand-held hydrogen-sulfide detector, a benzene detector and an odor detector. This monitoring occurs around the perimeter of Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill two times per day or as needed based upon community complaints received between the two daily cycles. Air monitoring reports will be posted twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays along with the Department of Health and Senior Services evaluation reviews. Air sampling for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) continue on a weekly basis by the department and Total Reduced Sulfur Compound samplings continues on a monthly basis.

Air sampling and monitoring reports and data can be found on the New Reports and Archived Reports webpages.

AreaRae Operations - In times of extreme weather and atmospheric conditions, sensitive electronic equipment, including AreaRae air monitors, may be set to standby mode to avoid damage to the units. When this occurs, the use of handheld air monitoring devices will continue, with additional use and deployments added as is necessary and possible, in addition to the regular, twice-daily scheduled paths. Supplemental use of the handheld air monitors will continue until atmospheric and weather conditions allow for the AreaRae monitors to be brought back into operation.

Off-site Air Monitoring Community Response Plan

Due to expected odors during construction activities, the Off-site Air Monitoring Community Response Plan was developed to be protective of the local community. This plan provides a framework for state and local agencies to coordinate a response to pre-defined air monitoring trigger levels.

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