Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill Facility Information

This page provides citizens with access to pertinent information and online forms regarding ongoing compliance issues and activities related to a subsurface smoldering event and associated odors around Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill at 13570 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton.

Recent Activities

newAug. 16, 2017 - During the historic rain event that occurred in the St. Louis area in late April and early May, the department responded to stormwater overflow concerns near the Bridgeton Sanitary and West Lake landfills by assessing the situation and collecting a stormwater sample for analyses. The turbid sample was sent to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' contract laboratory and analyzed for gross alpha, gross beta, isotopic Uranium, Radium-226 and Radium-228. View the June 2017 report. Additional analysis was performed for Isotopic Thorium and the June 2017 report was updated. View the August 2017 report.

Aug. 4, 2017 - The Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill is conducting maintenance work today to add soil fill to improve storm water drainage along the east slope of the south quarry. As part of this work, lateral lines may need to be moved or temporarily disconnected to allow for soil placement. During this work, short periods of odor are possible at or near the property line.

Reports and Updates

Public Notice of Missouri State Operating Permit Draft Renewal for Bridgeton Landfill -- The public is invited to review and comment on the permit draft renewal from July 21, 2017, to Aug. 21, 2017.  More information is included in the document. (07/20/17)


Data from the two sulfur dioxide air monitors monitored by Bridgeton Landfill, through a contractor, can be found at:

Data from the sulfur dioxide air monitor monitored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources can be found at:

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